awaken your prayer life!

Welcome to Awaken Prayer. Awaken is your complete and secure online resource designed to energize, organize, and amplify your prayer life using the convenience of technology. Awaken is hands down the best prayer tool giving you the power to impact your life, community, and world as a single believer or as one of many praying together.
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awaken empathy

Prayer can be a passport for your life’s journey

awaken priorities

Prayer gives you power to affect change, at home or anywhere in the world.

steward your personal prayer life

Where will God lead you? Find out when you use more than 30 custom features to grow in your faith.


Cultivate obedience. Practice communion and intimacy with God. Renew your mind in the Word.


Centralize your prayer life. Create prayer lists. Track your prayers and manage prayer requests.


Serve, minister to and interact with others. Share the victories. Record your thoughts, feelings and conversations in a journal.

connect with others

Scripture teaches us there is strength in numbers. Awaken can connect and create a whole new world of prayer.

awaken connection

United in purpose

Create your own prayer group or connect with others around the world.


Effectively manage and easily communicate with your entire prayer group via the tools on your dedicated group page.


Share burdens and joys. Encourage others when answers are shared.

awaken prayer anywhere

With our full-featured website or easy-to-use mobile platform (mobile apps are in development), you can use Awaken anywhere, anytime, anyplace you want to talk to God.

  • Set up prayer lists and schedule your reminders.
  • Begin to pray regularly.
  • Connect with others by joining or creating a prayer group. Send someone an encouraging message. Share you requests and answers.
  • Use the journals and answers archive to record how God’s goodness transformed your life.

It’s time to grow in faith and in God’s love. It’s time to act and impact the world. It’s time to Awaken Prayer.

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